Sunday, June 14, 2009

Asus A6500R laptop

This Asus A6500R laptop pc is one of the numerous models of Asus laptop pcs. At this stage of my experience in laptops specifications, features and testing, i can't really say there is a laptop pc that is the best, and it stays to be best. This is because, there will always be the manufacturing of better laptop pcs, which will then make your statement irrelevent. But i can say the Asus A6500R is a good laptop notebook with all the features it possesses. Some of the features might not be your taste, but surely, someone out there loves it. Let's take a close look at some of the features that makes people rush for the Asus A6500R laptop notebook.

Asus A6500R laptop

The Asus A6500R laptop pc uses an Intel Celeron M processor which enables users to be on top speed whenever you are working. With a speed of 1.60 GHz 400MHz, you will probably accept that it is fast enough. You should also be aware of its ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics chipset. For gamers, this is another step up, although the A6500R is not the best, but it can still perform the unexpected.

Asus A6500R A6R

With the A6500R 15-inch XGA Active Matrix Color TFT LCD you are likely expected to be carried with you view. Watching movies and viewing any colored image is so fun, because of the bright color, and nice view. If you are the type that loves going wireless, then you've got what you need. It is all there waiting for you to access it. For all the ports you need, you have them. These ports includes USBs, Fax/modem ports, and many others.

Asus A6500R notebook

You should be very happy about its weight. The A6500R simply weighs 2.80 kg, which i consider as light-weighted. There are many heavy laptop pcs out there. You can only use them at home, because it can't be carried about that easily. Consider the memory card reader, and enjoy yourself transferring data from different peripherals to your laptop notebook.

Asus A6500R laptop computer

There are many features that will make your heart skip a beat, but i am just telling you the general features that are meant to give you a background view of what is ahead. Depending on what you love, you can choose to purchase a laptop pc. So i recommend this Asus A6500R laptop notebook for your use. Whether you are a business professional, a student, or a home user, this is a great laptop pc for you.

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