Sunday, June 14, 2009

Asus F3Jr-AP088XC

I sure believe that after reading what i have here, you would have no choice that to go and purchase your own piece of Asus F3Jr-AP088XC laptop notebook.
I am about to tell you the things that will make your heart swell, go i suggest you get ready for the ride.

Asus F3Jr-AP088XC
Asus F3Jr-AP088XC

The first impression this product, Asus F3Jr-AP088XC laptop notebook made on me was the free carrying case and an optical mouse. You can hardly get many laptop computer models that offer that.

asus F3Jr-AP088XC laptop
F3Jr-AP088XC laptop

This F3Jr-AP088XC laptop notebook uses an Intel Core 2 Duo with a speed of 1.66 GHz, and 64 bit processor which offers you a very good speed in terms of getting your work done in notime. I believe that the effect of a processor on a laptop notebook is the greatest because it carries the speed of every other hardware with its own.

Asus F3Jr-AP088XC front view
front view

You might not know this, but know it today. I should also let you know that the Asus F3Jr-AP088XC laptop computer has a RAM of 2048MB, and a hard drive of 120GB, what a nice combination. I have had an opportunity of using a laptop computer that has a hard drive of 60 GB, i tell you it is so boring. The more you fill you laptop with informations and programs, the more you slow your processing speed. There was actually nothing i could do, than to start deleting and uninstalling unnecessary programs and files from my F3Jr-AP088XC laptop computer. I did it in pain, because virtually everything i had on my laptop computer was important to me.

Asus F3Jr-AP088XC side view
side view

I was also particular about the graphics card, and when i was told that it was an ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 (512MB HyperMemory), i was rest assured that i have a high performing graphics card. This card greatly increase the viewing image and i noticed a perfect clarity than the stupid laptop i used previously. But that was not all the impression i got. I was also impressed by its built-in video camera of 1.3megapixels. You can imagine chatting and communicating with someone as though they are with you. This feature i usually use with my girlfriend whenever i was bored and i needed to see her.

ASUS AC Power F3Jr/F3M/F3P/F3Sc/F3Tc
ASUS AC Power F3Jr/F3M/F3P/F3Sc/F3Tc

I just admired the feature and it is really cool.
If you love medium screen, then this 15.4-inch screen is suitable. Well, i should confess that i love large screens, like 17-inch and 20-inch. This size makes me fell like i am looking at something. But i think personal preference matters here.
Others are Bluetooth, WLAN, and a 9-cell battery to keep you ever on the road.

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